Hatchling™ (Hammock Chair)

Our Hatchling™ hammock chair is available in 2 layer options:

Single Layer-1.6 HyperD ripstop fabric (standard)

Dual Layer-1.6 HyperD inside/1.6 HyperD outside standard.

Both options include a double ended stuff sack color matched to the outside layer (or single layer as the case may be) for storing your chair OR your quilt! The chair also includes 2 genuine Amsteel 8" continuous loops. Available in four sizes (Medium: 36" x 54" Large: 42" x 60" X-Large: 48" x 60" Super Lounger 54" x 60").These pair perfectly with our Hatchling™ Under Shell.


To view color information, click here.

Standard wait time 2 weeks.  If selecting HyperD OutdoorInk material or Tie Dye Color option, wait time 3 weeks.  All Tie Dyes are unique and handmade so patterns cannot be guaranteed.  Any specific Tie Dye Requests, please email us at gear@terrapinoutfitters.com.

Weight Limits on the materials:

1.0 Hyper D 200 lbs. | 1.6 HyperD 300 lbs.

1.0 HyperD/1.6 HyperD (including Outdoor Ink) 400 lbs

1.0 HyperD/1.9 Ripstop 400 lbs

1.6 HyperD/1.6 HyperD (including Outdoor Ink) 500 lbs