Hatchling Stand


Hatchling stand
    ⁃    An Adirondack style wooden stand to hold your favorite Hatchling.  
    ⁃    Easy assembly with sturdy construction.
    ⁃    Made from No.1 pressure treated 4x4.
    ⁃    Routered, sanded and stained.
    ⁃    Choice of five stain colors
    ⁃    Weather resistant
    ⁃    Weight limit 250 lbs.
    ⁃    6 x 3 x 4.5
    ⁃    Local pickup or customer arranged shipping (after order is placed will contact customer to arrange pickup).

Price: 205$ you pick stain color                        
-Dark Walnut
-Early American
-Golden Pecan
-Sedona Red